Branded Seals and Tags

Branded seals and tags to suit your brand or corporate image. Seals can be customised to suit every conceivable need, quantities from 5,000.

For more information, samples and pricing, please get in touch.

Unisto 842 Ticket Seals
842 Ticket Seals
From £0.00
Unisto Contour Seal Textile Tags
Contour Seal
From £0.00
Unisto Decor Clip Textile Tags
Decor Clip
From £0.00
Unisto Elegance Seal Textile Tags
Elegance Seal
From £0.00
Unisto Frame Seals
Frame Seals
From £0.00
Unisto Italox Seals
Italox Seals
From £0.00
Unisto Laminate Seal
Laminate Seal
From £0.00
Unisto Large Oval Ticket Seals
Large Oval Ticket Seals
From £0.00
Unisto Mini Seal
Mini Seal
From £0.00


Missoni Garment Label
Elegance Seals


Marque of Quality
Weavers of Distinction