Cord & Barb
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Product Specification

Product Code: Cord with fixing
How Applied: By hand


Cord loop with fixing

Unisto can provide many alternative fixings and attachments to elegantly connect your branded swing ticket and button bag to your garments. A simple metal or plastic barb is easy to fit and quick and simple for the consumer to remove without risking damage to a fine fabric. A safety pin makes a more secure fixing and is suitable for more robust fabrics.


  • Swing ticket
  • branding
  • sale tickets
  • button bags


  • Components & Accessories


  • clothing retailers
  • clothing manufacturers
  • branded outerwear
  • menswear
  • womenswear
  • lingerie
  • swimwear


  • On request


  • Rayon
  • cotton
  • waxed cotton


  • metal barb
  • plastic barb
  • safety pin