Unisto Laminate Seal
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Product Specification

Width: 10 - 25mm
Height: 10 - 25mm
Length: Cord available in length of your choosing
Eyelet Dimension: 10 - 25mm
Opening Mechanism: Hand / Scissors
Closing Mechanism: Hand
How Applied: Hand applied


Laminate Seal

The Laminate Seal from Unisto, a highly versatile bi-coloured seal used primarily in clothing and footwear labelling for an eye-catching appearance.

Available with various customisation options, the Laminate Seal can be completely tailored to your specific needs. It comes in a range of colours, both cord and seal, as well as a range of head shapes and sizes. The cord is available in a length of your choosing.

Seal shapes available are square, rectangular, circular and oval, in sizes from 10 to 25mm.

Please see our Branded Tags & Display brochure online for an idea of the range of solutions we offer.



  • Garments
  • Jewellery
  • Watches
  • Bags


  • Branded seals
  • Plain seals


  • Retail
  • Manufacturing


  • Various colours available


  • Plastic barbs

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