Marque of Quality

Wednesday 20 June 2012 10:15 AM
Unisto’s branded seal provides a smart finishing touch to counterpoint the deliberately minimalist look of a new collection of top-of-the range of cosmetic face creams from Zelens Dermatological.

The Fullarene C60 range of creams was developed for Zelens by plastic surgeon and skin cancer expert Dr Marko Lens. The product formula is unique in harnessing the power of the newly-discovered anti-oxidant Fullerene C60, a naturally occurring microscopic form of carbon, alongside other natural ingredients e.g. CoQ10 and lipoic acids to combat premature ageing and protect against skin cancer which can arise from environmental damage such as UV light, smoking, alcohol and stress.

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Expected to play a key pharmaceutical role in tackling Alzheimers and other degenerative conditions, this is the first use of Fullarene cosmetically as a solution to assist in repairing and regenerating the skin’s natural defence system.

The clean, understated lines of packaging design echo the natural makeup and healthy attributes of the product, while projecting an elegant image appropriate to a premium skincare brand. Working alongside Zelens and designer Anouska Hempel, Unisto developed a bespoke prestige seal to meet the company’s precise specification on size and shape. Reproducing graphic elements of the overall packaging design, the seal adds an effective finishing touch, making a statement of quality that also guarantees authenticity, thus enhancing the brand’s exclusivity at this key stage of its commercial launch.


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