Weavers of Distinction

Wednesday 20 June 2012 10:15 AM
Part of the Scabal Group, traditional Yorkshire weavers Bower Roebuck rely on Unisto tags and tickets to help enhance and protect a brand that has been 100 years in the making.

At the very top of their craft, Bower Roebuck employ advanced technology allied with leading design expertise to create a range of fine weave worsted fabrics using merino wool and delicate yarns such as cashmere and alpaca.

Responsible for a number of industry ‘firsts’, Bower Roebuck’s strength is in using yarn counts and wool microns that were previous thought to be beyond technology, to produce blends and suiting fabrics on the very edge of weavability. Working with innovative fabric methods, Bower Roebucks top flight design team are able to field an impressive range of distinctive patterns that reflect and anticipate fashion trends, offering fluid, lightweight fabrics that have won international acclaim from fashion designers and garment makers in meeting modern fashion needs.

                   Bower Roebuck

Bower Roebuck uses Unisto’s gold embossed burgundy coloured seals in conjunction with crease resistant, Luxoprint tickets, foil printed in gold, to guarantee the authenticity of their fabric pieces spaced in suit lengths. Sometimes the seals are also used on finished suits to draw attention to the outstanding nature of the cloth.

In addition to providing a guarantee of origin to help defeat the counterfeiters, the finish of the seals and tickets provides an outward expression of quality that embodies the company’s traditions and industry standing, while protecting the company’s considerable investment in its brand assets.


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