Building Brand Image

Tuesday 18 June 2013 10:12 AM
Founded in 1994, Keepsafe offers a reunification service protecting people, their property and pets, successfully restoring 39,000 items each year to their owners.

Keepsafe’s visible ID tags and keyrings carry an emergency telephone contact, linked to a dedicated 24-hour call centre. Using the unique reference number printed on the tag, Keepsafe operators are able to access personal details held on a secure database to identify owners and arrange the safe return of misplaced property or straying animals.

With a user base developed through leading pet charities and specialist service providers, Keepsafe relies on Unisto’s expertise to help safeguard the image of its clients in the production of its branded pet tags for cats and dogs.

Explains Brad Eccleshare, Keepsafe’s Sales and Marketing Director, “Unisto’s design and production services allow us to demonstrate exactly how the client’s branding will be rendered and the physical attributes of the tag through electronic (PDF) proofs and to accurately replicate pantone colours on physical samples. By enabling us to provide a professional service from the outset, Unisto has added value to our services and helped win customer confidence.”


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