Swing Tickets

We design and manufacture swing tickets, tags and seals in a vast range of styles, materials, finishes from leather, specialist boards, plastics and fabrics.

Bespoke swing tickets and tags are created to your specification.

For more information, samples or pricing, please get in touch.

Ball chain fixings
Ball Chains
From £0.00
Unisto Chain Lox Garment Tags
Chain Lox
From £0.00
Cord & Barb
Cord loop with fixing
From £0.00
Unisto Luxoprint Ticket Seals
From £0.00
Unisto's Sport Missoni Plastic Seals
Plastic Seals
From £0.00
Unisto Seal and Ticket Assembled
Seal and Ticket Assembled
From £0.00
Branded tickets and seals
Swing Tickets
From £0.00


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